Energy Efficiency

ESG provides energy efficiency analysis for residential and small commercial facilities. The purpose of the residential and small commercial energy auditing program is to provide customers with detailed information on where energy can be saved. The focus is to provide customers with both energy and water savings.

ESG provides trained professionals that will come to your home or small business and assess your energy conservation potential and provide you with a detailed report on your current energy usage. They make recommendations where you can make changes to curb your high energy use habits, and offer guidelines on efficient products based on local rebate and incentive programs offered by your local utility provider.

Water Conservation

ESG manages various types of water conservation programs through California. ESG offers commercial, industrial, and institutional (CII) water use audits, water use benchmarking and budgeting, gallons per capital per day (GPCD) analysis and evaluations.

The water conservation programs are designed to help customers save water and money by providing a detailed report of current water use, an inventory of water using fixtures, and recommendations on high efficiency water fixtures as well as available rebate and incentive programs. Agencies also benefit from these water conservation programs because they evaluate how successful the programs are in their service area as well as help the agency reach their conservation goals.

Service/Analytical Studies

ESG can analyze your program to see its effectiveness. It will look at various factors to make sure the target audience is receiving the intended benefit. This type of evaluation is especially important with rebate programs in both the water and energy industries. ESG can also look at saturation rates and product use. This can be vital information that funding sources require. Let the professionals at ESG provide a statistical face to your hard work.

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