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Our team has over 300 years of experience in helping clients like you with their projects.



Clients pay only for the expertise they need, not the overhead of a huge consulting firm.



We bring specialists from various and diverse fields to assist with your project.



Having access to a wide variety of talent allows us to be flexible in responding to changing times and conditions.



Our team members are very knowledgeable in their respective fields.


A Division of WaterWise Consulting, Inc.


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ENVIROSMART Solutions Group

We offer environmentally-smart solutions to the challenges faced in the green industry today. We use a collaborative business model to bring together a team of experts, including engineers, researchers, data analysts, designers and other specialists in their fields. 


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Envirosmart Solutions Group (ESG) is here to analyze information and program effectiveness, and to propose new ideas based on extensive research. Whether it’s a home or small business, we can assess conservation potential and provide a detailed report on your current resource usage, suggest changes to your use and offer recommendations.


ESG offers the following water conservation programs: commercial, industrial and institutional (CII) water use audits; water use benchmarking and budgeting; and gallons per capital per day (GPCD) analyses and evaluations. These programs are designed to help customers save water and money by providing a detailed report of current water use, inventory of current water-using fixtures, recommendations on high-efficient water fixtures and local rebate and incentive programs. Agencies also benefit from these programs to help reach their water conservation goals.

ESG provides energy efficiency analyses for residential and small commercial facilities through its auditing program. This entails a trained professional visiting the customer’s home or small business in order to assess energy conservation potential. A detailed report is then created for the customer, which includes current energy usage, recommendations on changes that may help curb or lower high-energy use habits and guidelines on energy-efficient products based on rebates and incentives offered by local utility providers.

ESG can analyze existing programs to discover their effectiveness. Various factors are considered to ensure the target audience is receiving the intended benefit and services. This type of evaluation is especially important when it comes to rebate programs in both the water and energy industries. ESG also looks at saturation rates and product use, which is vital information for funding source requirements.


Over the years, ESG has assisted many cities and agencies with their water and energy efficiency programs by providing analyses, research, audit and evaluation services.


City of Camarillo

City of Roseville

U.S. Coast Guard Petaluma TRACEN Facility

Santa Cruz Baseline Study

MWDOC Water Smart Hotel Program Evaluation

City of Blythe

City of Palo Alto Utilities

San Diego County Water Authority

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

ESG works with the City to review their current water conservation programs that are meant to comply with California Urban Water Conservation Council’s Best Management Practices. ESG analyzes which BMPs will bring about the most water savings and makes necessary recommendations to achieve that goal. The basis to the success of meeting the required BMPs is data collection.

The City of Roseville contracted with ESG to analyze the feasibility of cooling a large commercial building by operating a rooftop water spray system. ESG conducted a site visit, interviewed facility engineers, researched and analyzed a variety of alternatives, and provided a report with recommendation to the City's water conservation unit.

ESG worked as a subcontractor to Abraxis Energy Consulting and provided assistance with the U.S. Coast Guard Petaluma Energy project. ESG was responsible for conducting the water use portion of the project. It reported potential water savings and made recommendations for retrofitting water fixtures and adopting water conservation practices throughout the facility. The report also included a return on investment analysis.

ESG worked with the Santa Cruz Water Department to provide an estimated inventory of existing water-using fixtures, devices, and features within residential and commercial properties in their service area. ESG hired Western Policy Research to assist with the statistical analysis on randomly-sampled facilities based on sector types. The purpose of the study was to provide a baseline count of low-water using fixtures and statistical analysis to determine the current saturation level.

ESG worked with the Municipal Water District of Orange County to provide an impact evaluation for the Water Smart Hotel Program. The evaluation was used to determine the participation rate and success of the program. ESG hired Western Policy Research to assist with the evaluation.

The City of Blythe hired ESG to conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis of its ability to comply with California Urban Water Conservation Council's Best Management Practices for the reporting year of 2009 through 2010. ESG conducted the analysis, briefed the City of its findings and prepared the report, which was submitted by the City to the Council.

ESG worked with the City of Palo Alto Utility on their Home Energy and Water Audit Pilot Program. ESG was responsible for conducting home energy and water audits in which all major appliances are evaluated for inefficiencies as well as an evaluation of landscape irrigation equipment, lighting, air leaks and insulation. ESG provided explanations of utility usage to customers as well as recommendations on where water and energy can be saved.

ESG is contracted by San Diego County Water Authority to evaluate its water-use efficiency programs to improve administrative services, monitor water savings, meet grant funding requirements, and ensure programs and initiatives adapt to changing conditions. ESG will also be updating the Alliance for Water Efficiency's Water Conservation Tracking Tool (AWE Tool) on behalf of the Water Authority. 

ESG has been awarded a contract by Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to provide information about the different types of water end-use devices residents use in their homes. The study will also measure the amount of water each device uses per day and the daily amount of water use per capita. Traditionally, water use surveys are conducted to collect this data, but for this particular project, ESG will be using data loggers to collect actual water use at each home. ESG's team of consultants are expected to complete the project by 2021. 

ESG has assembled a dedicated team of experts with a wide range of specialties to provide the best possible service for its customers. From experienced engineers to seasoned analysts, ESG’s global network is ready to meet and exceed expectations.



Integrated Engineering

Abraxas Energy Consulting

IQ Personnel, Inc.

EcoTech Services, Inc.

Watearth, Inc.

Ninyo & Moore

Green Media Creations, Inc.

Kennard Design Group

Maddaus Water Management

WaterWise Consulting, Inc.

E.L. Montgomery & Associates

Western Policy Research

Aquacraft offers consulting services in the areas of water resources, water demand forecasting and water conservation.  Aquacraft can design studies that will tell you precisely where and how efficiently your residential customers are using water.  Also, Aquacraft utilizes a single battery-powered data logger attached to the utility’s water meter outside the house to help analyze the customer's water use.  

Founded in 1997, Integrated Engineering is a multidiscipline consulting engineering firm, offering Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design services. We offer full design services for new construction projects, as well as for renovation and retrofitting. 

Abraxas Energy Consulting was founded in October 2001 in the San Luis Obispo area of California by John Avina, Certified Energy Manager, Certified Commissioning Authority and Certified Measurement & Verification Professional.

IQ Personnel, Inc. (IQ) specializes in providing trained temporary personnel for clients on a project or full-time basis. IQ can customize any orientation to fit any client needs. IQ offers field technicians for emergency responses, large oil spills, material handling, hazardous waste collections, biological waste collections, confined space, sampling, refinery work, HHW’s, electronic collections, general labor and more.

EcoTech Services, Inc. is a licensed C-27 Landscaping and C-36 Plumbing contractor that proudly offers design, installation and retrofit services specifically tailored to address sustainability and foster more dependable water sources for California.

Watearth, Inc. combines extensive and award-winning experience in water resources, hydrology and hydraulics, Low Impact Development, Green Infrastructure, water quality, and environmental engineering with an unparalleled knowledge of sustainable stormwater and water management to deliver cost-effective long-term solutions to our clients’ environmental and water challenges.

Ninyo & Moore is a professional geotechnical and environmental sciences consulting firm providing services in geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, geophysics, hydrogeology, soil and materials testing, special inspection, soil and groundwater contamination assessment, site remediation, hazardous building materials, industrial hygiene and occupational safety.

Green Media Creations, Inc.  (GMC) was specifically designed to aid public agencies and private companies involved in the environmental field and/or associated with green practices.

Our team has many years of experience in working with diverse demographics and in different languages.

Since the 1950's, Kennard Design Group has worked on more than 800 projects throughout California and other states. The firm provides design services for transit, utilities/infrastructure, institutional and government, and LEED sites. 

Maddaus Water Management team thrives on using our extensive knowledge of water resources planning, specializing in demand analysis, water conservation and drought planning to help water utilities around the globe.  Our team brings an unparalleled combination of water resources planning expertise with a well-honed understanding of water demands, conservation, drought and water supply reliability. In 1999, William Maddaus, the company’s founder, developed the first water conservation model.

With a knowledge base that spans water use analysis, engineering, horticulture, landscape design, irrigation and geography, we offer an array of services. From homeowner audits to large scale irrigation upgrades and retrofits, industrial inspections, water-wise landscape conversions and more, we’ve got the team that will finish any project we begin. We offer these services individually, as your contracted service provider and as program administrators who manage the entire program, from start to finish. 

Services include demand modeling and forecasting, policy and regulatory affairs, resource economics, water conservation and efficiency, database management, and instrumentation and monitoring.

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