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We offer environmentally-smart solutions to the challenges faced in the green industry today. We use a collaborative business model to bring together a team of experts, including engineers, researchers, data analysts, designers and other specialists in their fields. 



Envirosmart Solutions Group (ESG) is here to analyze information and program effectiveness, and to propose new ideas based on extensive research. Whether it’s a home or small business, we can assess conservation potential and provide a detailed report on your current resource usage, suggest changes to your use and offer recommendations.

ESG provides energy efficiency analyses for residential and small commercial facilities through its auditing program. This entails a trained professional visiting the customer’s home or small business in order to assess energy conservation potential. A detailed report is then created for the customer, which includes current energy usage, recommendations on changes that may help curb or lower high-energy use habits and guidelines on energy-efficient products based on rebates and incentives offered by local utility providers.

ESG has assembled a dedicated team of experts with a wide range of specialties to provide the best possible service for its customers. From experienced engineers to seasoned analysts, ESG’s global network is ready to meet and exceed expectations.


Aquacraft offers consulting services in the areas of water resources, water demand forecasting and water conservation.  Aquacraft can design studies that will tell you precisely where and how efficiently your residential customers are using water.  Also, Aquacraft utilizes a single battery-powered data logger attached to the utility’s water meter outside the house to help analyze the customer's water use.  

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