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We offer environmentally smart solutions to the challenges faced in the green industry today. We use a collaborative business model to bring together a team of experts, including engineers, researchers, data analysts, designers and other specialists in their fields. 

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Analyzing information, program effectiveness and proposing new ideas based on our findings. This is what ESG is here to do for you. Specialization, understanding the customers needs and tailoring our services to them. This is the key to our success.

Either home or small business, we can assess conservation potential and provide you with a detailed report on your current resource usage, where you can make changes to your use and offer recommendations.

ESG provides energy efficiency analysis for residential and small commercial facilities. The purpose of the residential and small commercial energy auditing program is to provide customers with detailed information on where energy can be saved. The focus is to provide customers with both energy and water savings.


ESG provides trained professionals that will come to your home or small business and assess your energy conservation potential and provide you with a detailed report on your current energy usage. They make recommendations where you can make changes to curb your high energy use habits, and offer guidelines on efficient products based on local rebate and incentive programs offered by your local utility provider.

ESG can assemble the perfect team for your project!

ESG has assembled a dedicated team of experts to provide the best possible service with a wide array of specialities to serve out customers. From experienced engineers to seasoned analysts, ESG’s global network is ready to meet and exceed your requirements.

EFERGO Dla Efektynosci Enerrgetcyznej 

EFERGO is now a team member of Envirosmart Group and as such can collaborate on commercial, industrial, and institutional surveying programs. EFERGO analyzes, water, energy and heat usage. EFERGO is based in Warsaw, Poland and is run by Piotr Kurak.

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