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Over the years, ESG has assisted many cities and agencies with their water and energy efficiency programs by providing analyses, research, audit and evaluation services.


City of Camarillo

City of Roseville

U.S. Coast Guard Petaluma TRACEN Facility

Santa Cruz Baseline Study

MWDOC Water Smart Hotel Program Evaluation

City of Blythe

City of Palo Alto Utilities

San Diego County Water Authority

ESG works with the City to review their current water conservation programs that are meant to comply with California Urban Water Conservation Council’s Best Management Practices. ESG analyzes which BMPs will bring about the most water savings and makes necessary recommendations to achieve that goal. The basis to the success of meeting the required BMPs is data collection.

The City of Roseville contracted with ESG to analyze the feasibility of cooling a large commercial building by operating a rooftop water spray system. ESG conducted a site visit, interviewed facility engineers, researched and analyzed a variety of alternatives, and provided a report with recommendation to the City's water conservation unit.

ESG worked as a subcontractor to Abraxis Energy Consulting and provided assistance with the U.S. Coast Guard Petaluma Energy project. ESG was responsible for conducting the water use portion of the project. It reported potential water savings and made recommendations for retrofitting water fixtures and adopting water conservation practices throughout the facility. The report also included a return on investment analysis.

ESG worked with the Santa Cruz Water Department to provide an estimated inventory of existing water-using fixtures, devices, and features within residential and commercial properties in their service area. ESG hired Western Policy Research to assist with the statistical analysis on randomly-sampled facilities based on sector types. The purpose of the study was to provide a baseline count of low-water using fixtures and statistical analysis to determine the current saturation level.

ESG worked with the Municipal Water District of Orange County to provide an impact evaluation for the Water Smart Hotel Program. The evaluation was used to determine the participation rate and success of the program. ESG hired Western Policy Research to assist with the evaluation.

The City of Blythe hired ESG to conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis of its ability to comply with California Urban Water Conservation Council's Best Management Practices for the reporting year of 2009 through 2010. ESG conducted the analysis, briefed the City of its findings and prepared the report, which was submitted by the City to the Council.

ESG worked with the City of Palo Alto Utility on their Home Energy and Water Audit Pilot Program. ESG was responsible for conducting home energy and water audits in which all major appliances are evaluated for inefficiencies as well as an evaluation of landscape irrigation equipment, lighting, air leaks and insulation. ESG provided explanations of utility usage to customers as well as recommendations on where water and energy can be saved.

ESG is contracted by San Diego County Water Authority to evaluate its water-use efficiency programs to improve administrative services, monitor water savings, meet grant funding requirements, and ensure programs and initiatives adapt to changing conditions. ESG will also be updating the Alliance for Water Efficiency's Water Conservation Tracking Tool (AWE Tool) on behalf of the Water Authority. 

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